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Why is it called the skin of your teeth?

10 - 6 last week, 94 - 66 for the season. Tam went 12 - 4 and beat me for the second week in a row. Which only proves what I've been trying to tell you guys all along: I'm an idiot. Atlanta, Denver, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, New England, San Diego, Tennessee, St. Louis, Jacksonville, Oakland, Philadelphia, Seattle, N.Y. Jets, and Pittsburgh. I'm just gonna keep picking against Indy so that when someone finally beats them, I can be like, "Ha!! See?!?! I knew it!" I have an unnatural dislike of Peyton Manning. Someone help me.

That is a sad ending, indeed, Munk. I wonder if it would affect your sister at all if she knew there was a sizable forum of people from across the globe who are rooting for her to just kick that dude in the head.

I have turkey coming out of my ears. Be safe.

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