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I see your loud crash and raise you two bodies

I don't know how you people do it. It's a constant struggle for me to start writing one of these. Over the course of several months, I'll even jot down a word or two of a topic I intend cover and create a poor man's outline. But when the time comes to write about it, it's happened so long ago that it just feels irrelevant. I don't feel like talking about it anymore and it gets crossed off the list. Here's my current list (it probably goes back only a month): sacrifice, almost dying, Heroes, chain letters, Marisa's job, half family, and shootings. Maybe I should just leave it at that and you can extrapolate an entry based on those topics. It'd probably be a whole lot more interesting for you that way. But, since Kel's two up on me, I guess I'll put some effort into this.

Sacrifice. There was a commercial for the Amazing Race a few weeks ago wherein the announcer proclaims that one of the members (or teams, I don't remember) makes the "ultimate sacrifice". Which I thought was pretty funny since I doubt anyone sacrificed THEIR LIFE for the game. But, hey.. I don't watch that show.. Maybe it's that intense. I dunno.

Almost Dying. Early last month, the family came up for a visit. My mom, my sister, my sister's boyfriend (who's actually my friend, but this is a whole different post), and Kento all came up and hung out for a week. A summary: eat, sleep, shop, drink, procure PC from work, play WoW, PC blows up, bring PC back to work. It was a blast. But anyway, back to the dying.

We're all (sans the spouse) piled into the Usagimobile on our way home from shopping. And there I am, calmly waiting at a three-way red light less than a mile from my home. I am on the stem of the T-intersection, so my green light is the only green light. When the light finally turned, I was spacing out a little and got maybe a second or two late start. There was also a dude walking across the street, so I ended up having to wait for him anyway (as I am turning left through his path). As I start to go, Kalani starts going apeshit from the back of the vehicle. No actual words came out, just a series of high-pitched "whoas" and "ohs." Something just clicked in the back of my head that said, "Holy shit, he means it!" The Usagi-sense was definitely tingling, if I may. Slam go the breaks, screech go the tires, vroom goes the stupid cunt inches from the front of my car. I take a lot of pride in the fact that I had the presence of a savvy veteran to lay on the horn as she passed. And if you can believe it, she waved as she passed as if to apologize. OH AND BITCH WAS OTP! That's on the phone, for you uninformed.

My mind immediately begins to race. What if Kalani didn't look? What if he didn't yell in time? What if I didn't think anything of his yelling? What if I didn't decide to stop in time? What if the brakes weren't good enough to stop me in time? How did the dude behind me not slam into me? How do you run a red light 10 seconds after it changed? How could that bitch just keep going without a care in the fucking world? If I got hit, would everyone be okay? Would I be in trouble if the cops arrived as I was choking the shit outta this chick? Do juries ever convict people who kill people who kill their family. If it was a rear colission, would Steph and Kalani have died at the speed the chick was coming? If I didn't get turned enough, would my mom have died? Maybe Kent, too? The safest people were Vaughn and I, but if the car just got tore up, who knows? AND HOW IS THAT LADY STILL DRIVING AWAY FROM ME?! It was probably for the best, cause no one in the car had anything nice to say if she showed concern. Which she didn't.

Lost in all of this was my mom pleading for me to catch the idiot up so she could throw things at her from her purse. Heh. Too bad I couldn't laugh about that until about 15 minutes later.

Heroes. Without getting too much into it, this is an absolutely excellent show. Every respectable comic book geek must watch it. I'm even giving up MNF for this thing. Guess they didn't think those demographics crossed too much.

Marisa's Job. Congratulations, Marisa! A popular saying around my workplace is this: "If you were supposed to love your job, they wouldn't pay you to do it." Glad to see someone breaking the mold. Keep climbing that latter. And send me free stuff. :D

Half Family. I've been meaning to ask opinions about this for a loooong time. Not that it would change my mind, but so far, my opinion seems to be in a pretty small minority. As many of you know, my mother had a useless sperm donator. Well, he went and started a new family some time ago. Recently, his daughter mustered up the courage to contact my mother in an effort to get to know my sister and I. And, not so obviously I guess, our reply was, "Uh, no." She's not my family. That's just some stranger in Florida. I have nothing in common with her. "Soooo. He's your dad, too, huh?" "Yuuup." What do you say to a 16 year old girl? Besides, "If anyone asks, you told me you were 18." Plus, I can't have her showing up at my door one day with a bunch of bags going, "Guess what! I hate our dad, too!" I already inherited a younger sister who I wanna strangle from time to time. This one's even younger AND is the spawn of someone I hate. There are three people in my camp: Me, my sister, and the missus. No one else sees it my way. I can't decide if I'm letting other issues cloud my judgment or if everyone else isn't taking relevant information into account. Thoughts?

Shootings. I wasn't really gonna talk about this, but Bob's post kinda made it applicable. And I don't have a lot to add other than what's in the subject line of this post. But to summarize, some disgruntled security guard at a business a few buildings down went crazy and shot up some former coworkers. A few more buildings down in that direction is where Tam works. So it was actually kinda tense for a while! We were all locked in our offices while the dude was on the lam. And of course we couldn't POSSIBLY work during that time, so we all kinda just stood around and made jokes. Which is kinda shitty considering a couple of people were shot (one guy five times!). But still.. I can't help myself. There's no "off" on the funny switch.

That'll do.

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