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In the words of my generation: UP YOURS!

10 - 6 last week. Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Denver, Arizona, Carolina, Miami, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Seattle, Jacksonville, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Atlanta, and Green Bay. (And already 1 - 2!)

I was watching Independence Day last night. This is one of those movies that I can pretty much watch from any point in the film at any given sitting. But, there's this one scene that really bugs the hell outta me, so I'm gonna have to bitch about it here (per rule number one of LJ). Okay, y'know that part where they're asking the make-shift team of aviators for their piloting background? And Randy Quaid tells 'em he flew in 'Nam and he's been dusting crops ever since, right? Then he adds that, on a personal note, he can't wait to get up there and get revenge on the aliens for abducting him all those years ago. And then the two military guys who are asking the questions, look at each other and ROLL THEIR EYES! Hahah. What a loon! Abducted by aliens! Hoho! Who's ever heard of such a thing?! Hahah. 'Cept they're standing there, on the eve of the largest, most massive aerial assault ever coordinated.. AGAINST ALIEN INVADERS! I mean, what the fuck? Doesn't that constitute a little bit of a paradigm shift at that point? Doesn't everyone who's ever mocked those people who claim aliens are out there gotta eat crow now? I dunno.. Is this just me? It'll be a fun game if other people posted plot holes in otherwise good movies (yes, GOOD) in their journals!

Also, I watched Tombstone last night (big night for me!). I dunno how it went down in real life, but at the end of the movie, Wyatt Earp embarks on what amounts to a murderous killing rampage. As, one by one, he kills every cowboy he's able to hunt down. At this point, Earp's a U.S. Marshall, I think. But, he's not out there arresting people. He's just executing them! Is there anyone else in American history who's done something like this and is revered in history books? And you can't include people who've killed a lot of people during a war. Is this different from LAPD calling open season on any crip or blood they stumble upon? Can you imagine that? Can you imagine if cops could just step to some gang members, blow them away, and then become heroes? Fascinating stuff.

Also, I'm not really sick.. But I think I'm gonna use that emoticon from now on.

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